What is Light Language?

Light Language is multidimensional language that is understood by all at a soul level. Light Language is dynamic sound and light encodedments that interact with your energy field. It triggers a change response that balances your vibrational information in the moment. Your Higher Self initiates your unique response to the transmission.

You receive, understand, and utilize the quantum information of the Language of Light on an unconscious level for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Each time you interact with a transmission, your energy field is different, so it affects you differently according to your currents needs.

There are many variations of Light Language. Some languages have more angelic basis, and focus more on physical and emotional healing. There is also Elemental Light Language, Galactic Light Language, Ancient Light Language. Light Language is not translated word for word, it is a deeply layered alchemical transmission of information, that it is not linear. It is a multidimensional. Light Language varies to each human, because we each carry a unique signature of angelic, galactic, elemental, and ancestral energies – a unique cosmic inheritance.

I channel the Language of One, this is the Language of Light of the Future. It contains a unified signature, containing all Universal frequencies, just as a Universal remote control. This is the Language, that future children will use to communicate with one another, animals, plants, crystals…. all life.

The Language of Light is coming forth increasingly at this time, because it is a powerful catalyst for the evolution of humanity, as well as our Soul progression. We are beginning to open to additional aspects of our innate divine nature. As humanity evolves into a deeper awareness of the connected nature of all Life, it opens to communication that enhances this connection and understanding.

Light Language is an expression of the higher frequency information of Love. Light Language speaks the connected language of the heart, rather than the known language of the mind.